In December 2016, I embarked on an exciting collaboration with Bababou, a company dedicated to sustainability and style, to create a remarkable co-sleeping crib. With a clear brief in hand, my goal was to design a functional and eco-friendly piece of furniture that would truly enhance the lives of its users. The result was the hugg crib, a sustainable and versatile creation that exceeded expectations.
Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian and mid-century modern design, the hugg crib boasts clean lines, honest materials, and a timeless aesthetic. It seamlessly combines its primary function as a co-sleeping crib for newborns with a secondary purpose as a desk and bench. This innovative approach extends the product's lifespan, ensuring it remains a practical and affordable investment for generations to come.
The hugg crib allows newborns to sleep safely in their own space while being in close proximity to their parents. With one side of the crib opening towards the bed, easy access is granted for night feeds and bonding moments. Adjustable legs enable the crib to match the height of the parents' mattress, creating a secure bridge between parent and child.
But the hugg crib's lifespan doesn't end with infancy. As the child grows, it can be repurposed as a desk and bench, serving as a functional and stylish addition to their early years. This versatility makes the hugg crib an even more economical choice, capable of accommodating multiple stages of a child's development or passing it down to siblings.
Throughout the design and prototyping process, I collaborated closely with the Bababou team, embracing numerous iterations and gaining valuable insights. The project proved to be a resounding success, resulting in a co-sleeping crib that encapsulates sustainability, functionality, and enduring style.
I take immense pride in the hugg crib and the positive impact it has on families lives. The journey with Bababou has been both rewarding and enlightening, reinforcing the value of sustainable design and the importance of thoughtful collaboration. Together, we have created a remarkable product that truly stands the test of time.
If you're seeking a sustainable and versatile solution for your child's sleeping and growing needs, I would be delighted to discuss how the hugg crib can bring comfort, functionality, and style to your home. Contact me today to explore the possibilities and embark on a design journey tailored to your family's unique needs.

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